is a series that was created back in 2020 and has been gathering dust in it`s folder until now.
It pisses me off when I see the unrest in the world, triggered by contempt and oppression, by greed and hatred.
At every corner a false preacher, who plants its lie-infested doctrine for its own advantage and for greed into the meanwhile wax-soft flushed brains of humans.
It is madness that people on this planet starve, freeze, die of thirst or in senseless conflicts.
All this from the greed for money and power.
It makes me sad to see how people hate other people just because of their skin color, religion or sexuality.
It makes me furious to see the victims of oppression and turbo-capitalism.
I am not surprised that some people violence seems to be the only language that can change all this.
I am more surprised that this language is not spoken by more people.
Is there hope for a good end?