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my name is Marcotic and I am a cyberhippie and cryptoartist.
Nice that you found your way here. 

I mainly do 3D Animations, Trashart, 3DFractalpaintings, Glitchart, small animations and whatever I feel like doing.
My style is like me, in permanent change.
I like to describe myself as a puzzle that is put together every morning and sometimes some pieces don’t fit well together 😉

I’m from Germany, but I think borders are stupid and I see myself more as a global citizen. Thanks to the internet and places like Cryptovoxels we are getting quite close to that, at least in a small part.

I spent a big part of my life in Spain, where I was allowed to enjoy all forms of existence. As a hippie on the beach, living in a cave and as a “normal” citizen with a house and a job.

I got in touch with digital art by DJing, because I designed flyers for gigs.
Music is another passion of mine
Some older pieces here

I am happy about every picture that finds a new home and gives joy to its owner.

So stay healthy


Donations are welcome

ETH: 0xD5EeA20182f71935d995df4e6fABDFd9Cd7cb641


WAX: spy1s.wam